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Has your life or the life of a loved one escalated out of control?  Our goal for each family is to organize and settle the chaos caused by substance use addiction and mental health difficulties. We present solutions and actions to repair and improve your crisis situation safely guiding you on your recovery journey and empowering the family unit.


Each intervention is a progressive event over 2-3 days and is tailored to the individual needs of each family. We work together to develop a strategic plan that will support and educate your loved one to getting the help they need. We deeply explore the family history and dynamics on all levels, including addressing all family members and friends who are experiencing their own form of crisis in caring for someone with addiction or mental health challenges. An addiction crisis can take over the entire family system and families may feel like they do not know what to do anymore. They often feel reactive, helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed.  Emotions such as;  anger, shame, guilt, fear, frustration, despair, anxiety and sadness are common for those who care about a loved one in crisis.


Our experienced interventionists provide a safe and ethically compassionate partnership, identifying effective resources and skills designed to bring greater awareness and understanding to your loved ones addictive behaviours. 


During the intervention, families are more equipped to regulate their emotions, triggers and reactions with balanced thinking impacting the probability of your loved one accepting treatment options.


Let us intervene and help liberate you from addiction crisis.


For those who do not want to enter treatment or have just completed a treatment program, hiring a recovery coach is a proactive step to achieve long term success in quality recovery.


As recovery coaches, we are practiced in guiding our clients to discover manageable, powerful and personalized solutions to everyday challenges that will help them identify and overcome their patterns of using.


It is not uncommon for the addict to experience cravings and a desire to escape everyday life making navigating daily life sober and drug-free a challenge. At Liberty, we support and educate our clients to persevere through this precarious, yet integrative time by walking alongside you every step of the way creating accountability and safety. Our connection with you is met through personal appointments, texting, phone calls, video chat and various other activities, engaging with you emotionally day-to-day and helping you sustain healthy and balanced living.


Let us walk alongside with you.

Walking Club


Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. It determines how we handle stress and anxiety, relate to others and make healthy choices. Using a "whole person" approach, our goal is to support you in exploring and understanding hidden behaviours, emotions and ideas that may be behind your mental health concerns and help you learn how to create balance in your life.


You will learn effective ways to identify and shift inaccurate mindsets and perceptions that will positively affect your overall health and well-being.


Let us bring you balance for optimal well-being

Family At Church


Unveiling strongholds such as self-defeating beliefs, fear-based programming, the unhealed past and generational family patterns can be the difference between remaining in addiction or moving out of addiction.

Generational family patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. These limiting beliefs and behaviours are so familiar, the family often does not see it.

Healing a family system is paramount in not only the quality recovery of the addict, but also for the entire family. In fact, when a family involves themselves in their own healing during their loved one's recovery journey, the outcome is liberating.

Let us help bring you awareness.

Support Group


Addiction can take away our ability to make even the simplest steps our own. Support is a master key on the road to recovery. Often when a person has relapsed, it is because there is a weak or non-existent support system. Having a good, solid support system in place is strategic and paramount in the quality and longevity of one's sobriety.

Addiction counselling addresses the restlessness and the unhealed parts of the person that feeds the need to escape.  


Let us help bring you freedom. 

Image by Erik Mclean


The road of addiction bears much loss. As one falls deeper into addiction, much of the self is lost. There is a loss of identity, loss of relationships, loss of finances, loss of respect, loss of health, loss of control, loss of the one's state of well-being, loss of self-worth, loss of trust. So much loss causes shame.

Shame is a major factor in addition. Shame is a thief of intimacy. Intimacy and connection are robbed from all relationships due to shame. Shame breeds isolation which breeds more substance abuse.

Let us help you break the cycle.

Image by Fuu J


The root of addiction is fear and pain. Depending on the level of trauma the individual has experienced to cause fear and pain, such as Type A - the absence of what we need to thrive and Type B - physical, emotional and sexual abuse, the adult child may be stunted in their emotional growth and ability to cope with stressors.


This hinders progression in tasks in everyday life creating feelings of being overwhelmed and disconnected from the self, which leads to more substance abuse.

Let us help you with the breakthrough. 

Liberty Interventions recovery coaching
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