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Drug and Alcohol Interventions in Kelowna: What are they and how to get started?

Loving someone that you suspect has a drug or alcohol addiction is hard. We mean - really hard! You may find yourself caught in a fog of confusion, helplessness and…hopelessness. You’ve never before encountered this type of behaviour in a person and everything you do to help your loved one just seems to make the situation worse.

If you suspect drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve probably trusted your intuition and are doing some much needed research – which is how you landed on our site. Liberty Intervention includes a team of interventionists in Kelowna, and throughout Canada and the US, who provide an array of services in regards to addictions for both addicts and their loved ones.

Wherever you are, we send the necessary resources and qualified interventionists to help with drug and alcohol addictions, plus numerous other addiction issues.

What are some common signs of drug and alcohol addiction?

· Constantly asking for money

· Never repaying the money

· Credit cards are always maxed out and being cancelled

· Erratic, odd behaviour

· Negative attitude

· Marks on their face or arms (scratches, scabs, burns, new scars, bruises)

· Insomnia

· Pacing around the house

· Aggressive behaviour or speech

· Deterioration of personal hygiene

· Weight loss

· Lack of energy

· Failing at work or school activities

· Health issues

· Paranoia, believing in conspiracy theories

· Spends too much time in bed

· Theft

· Cancelling plans with friends and family, or showing up late/leaving early

· Doesn’t come home

· Gets fired from jobs

· New friends that you haven’t met before

For years, our experienced interventionists in Kelowna and across the country have worked with clients just like you to stage interventions. We guide families and friends through the addiction journey, and provide relapse prevention techniques to safely and effectively emerge from the current state of chaos you must be feeling.

Drug and alcohol interventions are carefully structured conversations that involve Liberty Intervention professionals in Kelowna, or the city of the client’s choosing, and they include participation of the family, friends, and the individual struggling with addiction.

Our collective and ultimate goal of an intervention is to bring the addicted person to the realization that they have a problem and that it is negatively impacting them and their loved ones. The addicted loved one needs to agree that help is the only way out of this mess.

Liberty Intervention uses a proven, unique and effective process to achieve success through interventions they provide in Kelowna.

Drug and alcohol interventions ideally offer educational information and plans for recovery for the victim of substance abuse valuable for growth and progress through the journey of addiction. Interventions also create a safe space for the individual struggling with addiction to discuss anything and everything regarding their substance abuse, including its impact on others, the reasons addiction may have started. Individuals participating in an intervention and the recovery process are urged to stay connected with their loved one, without enabling them, and to continue showing empathy as everyone works through this commitment for change.

Professional interventionists in Kelowna are always recommended to be contacted if you wish to stage an intervention. You get one shot to convince your loved one that they need help. An array of things can occur during an intervention that require expertise in handling each situation.

For example, the addicted person may adamantly deny substance abuse. They may get aggressive, or leave. On the other hand, if they are compliant, they may have questions about rehabilitation and post-treatment. All things that only qualified interventionists can properly handle.

If you’re ready to get help for your addicted loved one, your next step should be contacting Liberty Intervention, interventionists in Kelowna or your preferred city.

We explain our unique process, working with you and your family to create a plan suited to your needs.

Our Kelowna interventionists may ask the following questions to learn more about your loved one’s current lifestyle:

· What substances do you suspect your loved one is using?

· How long has the behaviour been apparent to you?

· Has your loved one ever been to a rehab center before?

· Why do you feel an intervention is needed?

· Has your loved one suffered any trauma in their life?

· Are there children involved?

· Is there any reason why the addict may choose to not accept help?

· Is the entire family ready for the journey that comes with treating addiction?

Interventions are an effective way to break what seems like a never ending cycle. No intervention is a failure even if the addict refuses to go to rehab or seek additional help. From every intervention, learning can occur to help you and your loved one in the future. However, using qualified Kelowna interventionists is essential to get the best results from the day the intervention takes place.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our services are provided in Kelowna, throughout the Okanagan, across Canada and the US.


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