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Specializing in interventions, addiction aftercare and supporting families and loved ones wanting to escape the cycles of addiction, Charmeyn is here to inspire insight and transition.


She encourages clients to explore and integrate long-lasting and positive

changes that reflect their needs, values and personal power.


Drawing on her extensive background and experience for over 25 years in supporting clients, she facilitates a journey of self-exploration and healing with her clients.


Utilizing intuitive and empathic abilities, her approach to intervention and all post intervention support is based on an engaging and empowering relationship. By creating an emotionally safe environment, clients thrive, grow and flourish into who they were created to be.


Her standard of personal excellence are exemplified throughout her intervention and therapy work as she commits to the highest standards of ethical practice and develops relationships of deep caring and support.


Charmeyn is a certified counsellor, life coach and CBT practitioner who has studied personal growth and the human condition for most of her adult life. She is a member of The Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS), has worked in treatment centers as an addiction recovery facilitator and operated a private practice in addictions and family systems counselling.


Through facing her own challenges and journey of personal growth, Charmeyn has gained vast knowledge, personal experience and wisdom of how to work through and grow from a variety of issues and challenges encountered by many.

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Crystal has been in the counselling and helping profession for over 20 years. In addition to education in a variety of areas, including human social services, mental health, addiction studies, and dissociative identity disorder, her passion and experience contribute to her vast knowledge. She offers many healing modalities through private practice, mediation, family support, addictions, and relapse prevention.


With compassion, Crystal uplifts those searching for help while keeping clients and their families grounded by supporting, encouraging, and empowering them to walk in their purpose through intervention, counselling, and prevention of recurrence.


She has owned three private practices specializing in mental health, addictions, and relational counselling and has counselled both addicts and recovering addicts while in treatment.


Crystal is certified in Solution Focused Assessments, which address underlying disorders that can create addiction and mental health conditions, and is also certified in addiction prevention such as emotional disorders that can lead to addiction and disease. 

A true leader, Crystal has worked with several foundations and volunteers her time to complete pro bono work within her community. Inspiring positive change, Crystal is a Transformational Speaker hosting training functions to discuss her knowledge and insight into spirituality and its relation to the human condition.


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