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We invite each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who have experienced interventions and private sessions come away satisfied with an improved mindset managing their challenges and pursuing their goals supporting quality well-being.


We are honoured to be a part of our clients’ recovery journey, their dedication and commitment to their sobriety. Check out some of their experiences below and contact us to share yours!

"From the moment I met Charmeyn, I was attracted to her willingness to share on a deep level. She is passionate about her work and helping people to heal. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and a great communicator. I love how Charmeyn and Crystal take a full body approach to healing. They look at the spiritual, emotional and physical components, which I believe is necessary for complete healing. After they spent a weekend with friends of mine, I saw a huge transformation take place. My friends dealt with a ton of past issues that they were still carrying, they were given new tools to work with the issues at hand and came away feeling hopeful, where there once was no hope. There were big changes on many levels. I love how Charmeyn and Crystal work together as a team and between the two of them they offer a complete service. Their work is life changing."

"Slowly losing my youngest son to a life of addiction during his teen and adult years has been an extremely painful experience for him and our whole family. Numerous stays in various residential rehab programs gave him some periods of “clean” living, but were always followed by relapse. He felt more and more like a failure and we felt hopeless to help him.

But Crystal, who had met him while he was in one of those programs, did not give up on him. Over many months she kept in touch every so often, just to let him know she still cared how he was doing. I met her in a phone call when my son was in a crisis. Her compassion for our situation was like a balm for my anguish; her calm reactions guided us through it. Eventually, she and Charmeyn were able to lead my son to try detox one more time.

They are the first counsellors who have given my son a positive feeling about his true self again. He is feeling motivated to reclaim his life. Instead of being part of a large group focusing on addiction every day, he is benefiting from their personal counselling and guidance - - all given with so much love and compassion. With their help, he's remembering who he is, and what he’d like to do with his days. They've led him to rediscover the activities he once enjoyed, and are helping him become involved in them again little by little. As well, they’re encouraging him to think about new interests he’d like to explore. In this way, he's getting a real taste of a very possible alternative future, so very different to the lifestyle he’d slipped into over the past many years.

As a mother, I could never give up trying to help my son survive. But there came a time when I just couldn’t figure out how to help him anymore; no matter how full my days were, a deep anxiety lay beneath it all. Since Crystal and Charmeyn have been in our lives, I feel much calmer and more optimistic about my son’s future. The gratitude I feel is huge! With their wealth of skill and experience, love and compassion, Crystal and Charmeyn have helped my son when I thought no-one could."

"Trying to convey big messages in just a few concise lines is obviously a challenge for me. How do I give the message that you are indeed an angel on earth for our family? Five months ago, our son was in active addiction and our family was in crisis. Charmeyn came into our lives and although we are still in early days of this journey, her experience, compassion, and dedication continue to provide guidance and insight as we navigate this healing process. Her combination of experience and intuition, professionalism and personal commitment, have brought us to a place unimaginable five months ago. Thank you, Charmeyn, for everything you have done for us and for your continued support."

"I met Crystal 2 years in August when my marriage ended & she also came highly recommended. I spent a year & half getting counselling from Crystal to restore my marriage but instead she restored me to look at myself from the inside out. She helped me deal with a lot of demons that I still continue to face, but not as bad as it used to be because she gave me the strength to go on in life on my own without my husband. My past doesn’t define me as much as it used to.Crystal is an absolutely amazing beautiful woman.  I’m so blessed to have met her & be counselled by her. She has become more than my counsellor, she has become a trusted friend that I was able to share my deepest, darkest secrets to.  She never judged me, looked down on me, turned me away with my dark side. She was always caring, compassionate & so loving that I found it easy to talk to & open up to her. I wish finances could of went differently so I could of continued seeing her as I miss our chats, visits & all your prayer warrior woman.I wish you all the best on your new journey in life. May God bless you on this journey & I pray we can always stay in touch."

"Crystal was my counsellor for around 8 months while a client at a treatment center.  She is an amazing counsellor and I truly looked forward to my meetings with her each week.  I often spoke of counselling with my "brothers" in program, and I can assure you that everyone else that had her as their counsellor felt the same way. God has gifted her with many abilities that go hand in hand with counselling, and I believe she uses her gifts to bless those she helps. Thank you for everything Crystal!"

"Charmeyn and Crystal I want to let you know you have saved our family's lives.  Your expertise and  continued  response has been  so amazing. We cant thank you enough. Our family member is feeling so safe and comforted.  I feel you were God send to us. If there's ever anything you need do not hesitate to call."

"Charmeyn is an amazing person and counsellor.  From the first moment we met, she radiated a sense of calm and peace.  She put me at ease, and took the time to get to know me and my reasons for seeking her help.  She gently navigated the different problems by asking important questions, as well as explaining the physical science behind different situations.  We were able to formulate a plan and move forward with success.  Charmeyn has an incredible gift of compassion, and a real desire to see each of her clients navigate personal and relational situations with success.  Her patience and ability to get to root issues has helped me resolve several issues with success.  I truly appreciate having Charmeyn counsel and guide me thru and resolve some difficult issues in my life."

"I came to [Crystal's office] in pretty rough shape. My past involved life on the road as a rebellious musician, drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, being diagnosed as bi-polar, deep rooted fear, failure and wounding and religion in the form of legalism. Crystal and her team were instrumental in walking me through much of my pain, fear, anger, confusion, shame and mental illness. At times it felt like it would never end but she kept assuring me that if I stuck with it, new seasons would come. They did. 

I believe God has given this woman special ability to help and heal, to give insight and wisdom. If you’re willing to do the hard work of investing in your own destiny something good is on the horizon... something coming new! Thank You So Much Crystal!"

"I worked with Charmeyn when a family member was struggling with addiction. She was so kind, understanding and jumped into action to help us set up the intervention and then escort our family member safely to a facility. I also had personal counseling with Charmeyn. She was very easy to talk to, and helped me immensely in getting through a hard time. I highly recommend Liberty to anyone who is in this situation. ❤️"

"Working with Charmeyn has been a blessing. Her approach is supportive and compassionate yet very skilled at helping us focus on what is really important to what stands in our way and what next steps we want and need to take to accomplish our goals. She is a great listener throughout the sessions she presents tremendous practical advice to help us understand and execute. We
always leave inspired to be better than we were yesterday."  

"Charmeyn and I connected during an intervention encounter involving a family member. She's attentive, supportive, and compassionate continuing to offer productive advice, always cognizant of underlying factors. Charmeyn is a erudite therapist and exudes calmness and practicality. She is presently working with our family in a relapse prevention  counselling role. She's always been available to consult and lend safe advice to problems that seem paramount. I feel she is a trained therapist evidenced by her active listening, non-judgemental empathetic approach. I would highly recommend Charmeyn!!"

"I have struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol for the majority of my life. About 3 years ago I sought help for my problem and subsequently met Crystal. I began “working” with her in hopes of finding a better way of life. From that day forward, the hope I had to change my life gradually grew. She counselled me through past and present traumas and struggles in a carrying, non-judgmental way, where I felt safe and where I could “be myself”.


I immediately felt that I could trust her and had no qualms about sharing with her my innermost thoughts and feelings. She broadened my awareness and provided insights into the situations or problems that I was having. Her insights would often challenge my own learned thoughts and behaviours and would then lead me to a solution. She would acknowledge and remind me of gifts and attributes that I possessed, but which I did not see in myself. She could see that I lacked love for myself, helped me to see the good things about me, and taught me to nourish them so I could see that I was worth it (to have a better life).

I have certainly had my fair share of ups and downs since I decided to try life in recovery, and crystal stayed right there with me through the ride. When I hit a new “rock bottom” and was desperate to get away from my world filled with drugs, alcohol and chaos, Crystal met up with me and started formulating a plan with me that involved getting me into detox and directly into a second stage house immediately after.


While in detox, when I was feeling weak and lonely, she was there to talk to on the phone and encouraged me to stay the course, and on this path that “we” had begun. She would even take me to Dairy Queen when I needed a friend to talk to and lean on (and of course, the sugary alternative to a drug – A blizzard!).


She was a solid source of strength and an anchor for me when I so badly needed someone’s stable point of view that would bring me back down to reality. The amount of compassion she has shown to me and to all her fellow man is next to none. I could tell right away that she truly cares about what she is doing and about the future of her clients; she is no doubt dedicated to her craft.

Crystal has a healthy amount of inner-strength, love and respect for herself that is infectious and appealing. Her belief in me and my success, along with her “never give up”, “anything is possible” attitude has definitely rubbed off on me. Crystal has a gift of helping us see the light inside ourselves and teaches us ways that only brighten that light and eventually becomes undeniable and attractive to others.

Today, I am clean and sober!! I stand with my head held high, with confidence, belief in myself, and with no limits as to what my future holds. My physical well being, the joy, happiness, love, belief, hope and the balance I have in my life today, I owe to a HUGE part, Crystal".


Thank you so much Crystal, I am forever grateful." 

"I am a 38-year-old man who has struggled with substance abuse since I was 10 years old. I have wanted to have a better life for years; however, I didn’t know how to escape from the cycle of addiction that I was in.

About a year ago I met Charmeyn and sought her advice and expertise. Since our first visit, Charmeyn has continuously supported me through many trials and tribulations on my road to recovery. She dropped me off and picked me up from detox (more than once) and assisted me in making plans and living arrangements that would better my chances of successfully living a clean and sober life. She was also there for me when I needed a friend to do healthy activities with, like playing soccer and going to the gym.

Charmeyn helped me immensely when I made the decision to relocate and enter a residential recovery program on Vancouver Island, where I could be closer to my family in hopes of reconnecting with them once I became healthy. After my last stint in detox, she accompanied me directly from the doors of detox in Kelowna to the doors of the Residential Treatment Center on Vancouver Island (where I am right now).


After hearing my initial plans to take busses from Kelowna to the treatment center on Vancouver Island, I believe Charmeyn saw the risks and the importance of getting me there (safe, and in one piece), not leaving anything up to “chance” (my addict brain) that would jeopardize this opportunity of a “new beginning”. She immediately intervened and offered to drive me, and for that I am ever so grateful.

Today, I am clean and sober of all drugs and alcohol; something that once seemed impossible. I live a stable and much more balanced life in a recovery community surrounded by healthy and supportive like-minded people.


Without Charmeyn’s compassion, support and her relentless pursuit to get me to a place (emotionally and physically) where I could thrive, I don’t believe I could have made it to this point in my journey of recovery.

Charmeyn’s belief in me has always been unwavering. She has always been in my corner since the day I met her and showed me love when I didn’t love myself. She was there when I needed her the most, she is still there today if I need to talk and I have no doubt that she will always be there for me in the future. Today, I can say that I love myself more than I ever have and that’s thanks, in a major part, to Charmeyn. THANK YOU CHAR! I am forever grateful."

"For the last several years our family has struggled with the the disease of addiction and all the chaos that swirls around the individual. In the midst of that chaos, it was impossible for us to have clarity, to understand the disease, to find a path forward, and to find healing for ‘Joey’ and for ourselves.

The dam burst when we met Charmeyn and Crystal. Their insights, love, compassion, and years of experience gave us hope, clarity, tools to deal with the dysfunction and chaos that is part of the disease. They helped us understand the mind of the addict, how to lovingly set appropriate boundaries and how to recognize when those boundaries were crossed, and how to help Joey recognize his own need for treatment, healing, and appropriate boundaries.


They have helped us to understand codependency and enmeshment and our own role in the disease of addiction.

If you or your loved one struggles with the disease of addiction and are looking for someone to help you find relief and healing, we wholeheartedly recommend Charmeyn and Crystal. They have walked with us each step of the way, have provided wisdom, compassion, strategies, and have helped our family to keep walking forward on this journey of recovery.


Wishing you and your loved one peace and joy in your journey of recovery and healing."

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