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Just as the vast majority of people who drink are neither problem drinkers nor alcoholics, the majority of adults who smoke Marijuana are not problem smokers or drug addicts. 


Although the percentage of individuals whose object of addiction is Marijuana is very small, their condition is every bit as serious as others who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Those who have the brain condition of addiction experience the perceived object of addiction differently than the person who does not have an addiction.

For those whose brains have locked onto marijuana as the object of addiction, marijuana withdrawal involves symptoms of anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and even violent behaviour.

While alcohol is far and away the most destructive intoxicant, the combination of alcohol and marijuana is especially harmful to the developing brains of adolescents.

The human brain will develop up to 400% more receptors for the active ingredients in Marijuana if use begins in the early teenage years, and consistent use during this critical period may give rise to various neurological and psychological issues, including problems with verbal skills, sequential memory processing, and task completion.

Marijuana also reduces the ability to consolidate new memories for about 24 hours. For those who smoke it every day, that means all the time. A reduced ability to integrate new material essentially means you’re learning ability is compromised.

The depth of emotional response to complex situations when under the influence of Marijuana is significantly limited. In simple language, this means “developmental delay.” The transition from adolescence to adulthood, and the ability to handle adult situations in a mature, thoughtful manner is put more or less on indefinite “hold.”

It cannot be stated strongly enough, or more frequently – there is no addiction in the drug. The addiction is in the brain processing of a minority of people was born with a genetic pre-disposition.

When you hear the phrase “addictive potential” of a drug, it simply means that the drug is fun and if taken immoderately by someone with genetic pre-disposition, they can manifest the disease of addiction. It is the same with ANYTHING FUN that is done in immoderation.

These patients struggle to stay away from Marijuana with the same challenges as those who have battles with alcohol or other drugs, and their psychological pain is obviously visible, and confirmed by the patients themselves. Yes, this is a minority of Marijuana users.


Long-term use of marijuana can lead to more lasting and serious complications: 

a weaker immune system

heart problems

damage to lungs

learning problems





suicidal thoughts

exacerbating a pre-existing condition of schizophrenia


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